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5 Best SEO Plugins

Search Engine is a major source of organic traffic, leads, and customers for most websites. Since WordPress is extensively known as SEO friendly platform, you should use the WordPress SEO plugins to procure the real benefits that plugins offer which surely helps in boosting SEO ranking.

You don’t need to install all of these SEO plugins, definitely, but each works differently so better pick up according to your needs which better suits you up.

In  this article, you will find the 5 best SEO plugins for your WordPress site  that you can use for your blog or pages :

1.) Yoast SEO :
Yoast SEO is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Over 5+ million downloads, Yoast is considered to be the first SEO plugin that every WordPress user should be installing. Apart from improving your website’s SEO in all aspects, it allows you to meta title, meta description, meta keywords to each post or page of your website. With the most advanced XML sitemap feature, this plugin creates XML sitemaps automatically and informs google about existence.

2.) Broken link checker :
Broken links can not only affect your website SEO but also create a bad experience for your users. It’s a powerful plugin which continuously scans your website for broken links. So you can go or remove them completely or change them to a better experience. It helps in fixing all internal and external broken links (mainly known as 404 errors). If you kept the plugin active it continues to your site and notifies you when the link breaks.

3.) Rel Nofollow checkbox :
When linking to other pages or external websites, you’re giving some of your website authority to that link. These links really means something to google. The reason behind this is if google finds thousands of links leading to spammy sites, Google finds this as a manipulative and unhelpful to users. Rel Nofollow is a plugin that adds a checkbox in the insert link popup of WordPress post editor. This way whenever you are adding an external link you can easily make it no follow by checking a box. 
4.) Rankmath :
Rankmath SEO plugin brings into everything into one easy to manage plugin which is lightweight which does not affect website speed. Just by installing one plugin you can manage on-page SEO of your post, pages or other taxonomies. It assimilates to Google search console to lead essential information right inside your WordPress dashboard. You can easily track the information of keywords that you are ranking for, what errors Google finds on your site, available at one brief look.

5.) SEO Image Optimizer :
Optimizing of the image is one of the crucial search engine factors, as it overall manages the website loading time. SEO image optimizer plugin will add ALT attributes to your image, Upload images with proper ALT text and names. If you’re not doing this practice, start doing it because ultimately this will help in SEO.

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